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Q: Why should I choose the Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center?

A: Birthing centers are great options for women who are looking for a safe healthy birth. Our birth center is the only birthing center in Tarrant county offering services provided by Certified Nurse-Midwives. Our CNMs are in network with all major insurance companies and offer expanded services for our clients such as prescriptions if needed, ultrasounds, and direct access to a OBGYN consulting physician. 

Q: Is Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center Licensed and accredited?

A: Yes, we are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, a member of the American Association of Birthing Centers.


Q: Who provides care at the Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center

A: Our team of  Certified Nurse Midwives (see the "Our Team" tab) who are each licensed in the State of Texas. 


Q: Is it safe to deliver my baby at a freestanding birth center?

A: Studies show that outcomes for low risk women and babies who deliver at birth centers are excellent. Here you will find a link to the landmark The National Birth Center II study detailing safety data. 


Q: Who can give birth at the Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center?

A: Generally we care for low risk healthy women. Birth centers remain as a valid option for some women with certain medical conditions. We will evaluate each woman individually to determine eligibility for an out of hospital birth.


Q: Are prenatal labs and sonograms completed at the birth center?

A: Yes, our Certified Nurse Midwives will draw your blood and send it to a lab for processing. We also have sonogram  equipment available at the birth center.


Q: May I have a waterbirth at the birth center?

A: Absolutely, each of our birthing suites are equipped with birthing tubs.

Q: How many staff members will be present at my birth?

A: At least two birth attendants, one being a  Certified Nurse Midwife.

Q: Are friends and family welcome during my birth at the birth center?

A: Absolutely, we encourage you to have those closest to you present. Each birthing suite is equipped with a kitchen and we have a spacious family waiting area with TV located down stairs. Your family and friends will also have access to our Wi-Fi at no charge.

Q: Is pain medication available at the birth center?

A: We do not administer pain medication at the birth center. Nitrous Oxide is available for women who choose that option.

Q: How long will we stay at the birth center after birth?

A: Generally families will be discharged 4 hours post delivery.

Q: Are circumcisions completed at the birth center?

A: No, we would refer to your pediatrician.

Q: Will the birth center provide forms necessary to receive my baby's birth certificate?

A: The birth center will file all necessary forms with the local registrar where you can request your baby's birth certificate. We will also provide a birth certificate from our birth center as a memento.

Q: What happens after my baby is born? What care will he/she receive?

A: After the birth, the midwives will perform a complete physical assessment. For healthy newborns who are discharged home from the birth center, a care provider will make a well check phone call at 24 hours of age. The newborn will be assessed in person by one of our licensed registered nurses or certified nurse-midwives.

Q: Do you have a collaborating physician?

A: Yes, each Midwife has a working relationship with Dr. Steven Suba from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth.


Q: Do you accept those wishing to VBAC?

A: We love supporting women who are choosing to have a VBAC. VBAC births are attended by the midwives at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth.  

Q: What classes are offered at Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center?

A: We offer childbirth education classes, Fertility classes and doTERRA essential oil classes.

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